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Kinsmen Club of Saskatoon, Britebox Storage Co along with Handy Special Events would love to invite you to one of Saskatoon’s most unique events, Purses For Paws Brunch, Sunday, April 23rd at the Delta Marriott Hotel Saskatoon Downtown.  This extended brunch will begin with an hour of touring and browsing over 100 new and gently used designer handbags which include designer, vintage, casual, evening and whimsical - something for everyone's taste.  You may even find a "Murse" for that special man in your life!  You won’t be browsing empty-handed as a refreshing cocktail provided by local artisans awaits you upon your entrance.  Whether you’re there to browse or shop there’s no limit to the bags you can acquire, it could be a new addition to your collection or maybe a Christmas present for friends or family - we won’t judge!


Remember, all proceeds from this event go directly to New Hope Dog Rescue who work tirelessly to help unwanted, abandoned and orphaned dogs find loving homes.  We’re making it easy to feel good about shopping!  After the silent auction portion is complete, we invite you to join us for brunch. 


We promise to have another hour full of delicious food, great prize give-aways and most importantly you have a chance to cuddle some of New Hope's furry friends!  Some may even be looking for their furr-ever homes.  Once brunch is complete we welcome you to stay and mingle for as long as you like.  


Please join us in the fourth annual Purses For Paws - the only event where leaving with another woman’s purse is encouraged!


Saskatoon Rescue Dog from New Hope Dog Rescue

New Hope Dog Rescue (NHDR) is a registered non-profit and foster-based organization that has been rescuing and re-homing dogs in need since 2003. NHDR partners with other rescue organizations that travel to remote areas of the province to remove unwanted dogs from over-populated areas. Many dogs coming from remote areas have little to no animal control services. Medical needs can encompass issues like mange, parasites, gun shot wounds, broken bones and/or


In the first year (2003) 29 dogs were adopted into loving homes, last year (2020) 289 dogs found their furr-ever homes. One average NHDR will have between 60-80 dogs in their care at any given time, sometimes this can reach as high as 100.


Over the years NHDR has developed a network of over 100 volunteers who assist in tasks ranging from fostering, co-ordinating & providing transportation, dog handling & training, vet care and fundraisers & organizing community events.

Since the organization was founded, New Hope has found loving homes for over 3602 dogs!

New Hope Dog Rescue Logo


Irregular Heartbeat

She came into New Hope’s care as a stray in October of 2016. When Genny first arrived she seemed like a healthy young puppy. However at her first appointment with one of NHDR partner vets it was determined she had an irregularly irregular heartbeat. She had her first ECG shortly there after. She was started on a heart medicine after that test to see if it would help her.


With only a little improvement she had to be started on a second heart medicine. Genny ended up having several ECG’s and one ultrasound. Although the medicine did help Genny only slightly this does not slow her down. No one can guess how long of a life Genny may have but she does not act like anything is wrong with her and enjoys life every day.



This lovely puppy joined the NHDR family after a rescuer in a rural Saskatchewan area found her. When Peanut arrived the first day nothing was out of the ordinary however on the second day she started to show symptoms of the parvovirus. Peanut was rushed to the SAC where she spent 9 days in the isolation unit. Peanut was able to beat this terrible disease with treatment. Peanut spent a couple of months in a foster home recuperating before she was adopted into a loving home.


Hit By A Vehicle

Beetle came to NHDR after another rescue was initially contacted about a puppy that had been hit by a vehicle in the north-west part of Saskatchewan. He was seen at a vet in Lloydminster where it was decided he needed to get further care and surgery at the Small Animal Clinic (SAC). Arrangements were made to get Beetle to NHDR in Saskatoon where he could be fostered and receive the medical care he needed. Beetle had two surgeries once he was in our care. The first one was immediately after arriving in Saskatoon to repair a midshaft fracture of the left femur with a bone plate and screws. Following surgery, Beetle developed a severe seroma (fluid under the skin) around his left thigh area, which was initially treated with draining fluid from the wound area. Beetle eventually required surgery to repair this section of his leg and had several follow-up appointments to drain the fluid. Beetle went to rehab sessions at the SAC and after a couple months moved to the perfect forever home.


Hit By A Vehicle

Mater came to NHDR foster care program after being contacted by the Small Animal Clinic (SAC), Veterinary Medical Centre at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan. Unfortunately, Mater had been hit by a vehicle and his original owner could not provide the necessary veterinary care for Mater. The SAC contacted New Hope and we made the decision to provide all necessary care for Mater. Mater had his right ilial fracture (pelvis) stabilized with a bone plate and screws immediately after his intake. A few weeks later he had surgery to repair damage to the urethra (urethrocutaneous fistula) and femoral neck (avascular necrosis). After both surgeries, Mater and his foster home attended rehabilitation sessions at the SAC and also did daily exercises for 2 months. After two months Mater was ready for adoption and found his perfect forever home.


Hit By A Vehicle

Bruno came into New Hope's care in March of 2017, we were contacted by a another rescue to see if we could provide him with medical care, he had a severe injury to his front right leg that required amputation. Bruno adapted very well to the loss of his leg, he may only have three legs however that does not slow him down. Over the three months he has been with New Hope he has thrived and is an active, happy, wonderful dog. He recently went up for adoption where we are sure he will find a loving forever home very soon.

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